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Door openings are integral to provide for both the safety and security of building occupants and contents. Protection from intrusion, extreme weather, fire, and abuse must be addressed along with accessibility, aesthetics, and function. We are passionate about our contribution to your safe and efficient facility.


Celebrating 50 Years
APV Customer Experience

The Customer Experience

At APV, our success is only measured by your success.  Construction projects today are more challenging, more complex and more time-sensitive than ever before.   You need a partner who understands the inherent pressures you are under and will do whatever it takes to make you successful.  While no one can perform miracles, we will communicate with you from the very beginning of the project and every step of the way until the job is done. 

Pre-Installed Hardware

Pre-Installed Hardware

APV’s certified technicians apply all working hardware to the door slabs in our modern facility in Ashland. Pre-Installation of door hardware eliminates many of the typical on-site installation challenges while allowing the doors to be installed much later in the construction process, thereby minimizing damage to the doors. We encourage any and all constituents to visit the 10,000 square feet we’ve devoted to pre-installation. Seeing is truly believing!

Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

Our project managers have extensive experience in consulting with owners and architects to help develop door and hardware specifications.  We are much more than simply “order fillers” and truly enjoy getting ahead of a project to make suggestions regarding doors and hardware.  Through our partnerships with all of the major manufacturers of door hardware, our project managers and salespeople are continually learning about the latest innovations.

Advanced Keying Systems APV

High Security Key Systems

Our DCJS-certified locksmith works behind an access-controlled door and provides our customers with a tremendous resource without having to go to a third party for any keying needs. We have invested in the latest key cutting and duplicating equipment to provide any and all services required from a traditional locksmith. We are one of the very few door distributors in Virginia with a certified locksmith on staff.

Security Integration

Security Integration

As more access control capability is integrated directly into door hardware, those distributors with a full understanding of both mechanical and electrical functionality will have greater success in understanding how the entire opening is ultimately going to function.  APV has a fully-staffed security department equipped to handle access control needs as well as video security.

APV's Dedicated Support Team

Dedicated Support Team

While APV project managers follow each project from beginning to end, they are ably supported by a team of people who are committed to providing excellent customer service. From estimating to purchasing to receiving to delivery, many hands are involved in getting the necessary solutions from the plans to the jobsite. Each employee is considered a member of the APV family and strongly encouraged to take ownership of their particular step in the process to ensure a positive experience for our customers.


Architects depend upon our certified consultants to assist with building planning and design including preparation of construction plans and specifications. Complete, accurate specifications eliminate door and hardware problems that lead to cost overruns and long-term maintenance issues. APV is not tied to a single manufacturer whose specification services are contingent upon getting their product into the specifications rather than the products best suited for the building owner. As a security integrator we can incorporate access control at the door opening for a complete, unified system using new technology integrated door and hardware products. Let APV help you impress your customer. 

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General contractors will find APV project managers ready to help with budgeting and continuing through the estimating and construction phases. The same project manager handles construction projects from beginning to end. Large projects may require a team, but there is always a single experienced manager that knows the project and serves as a single point of contact. APV has hundreds of years of experience accumulated among our project managers. That experience assures projects are completed on time and within budget. APV wants to be your partner in delivering a great building to your customer. 

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End user building owners and facility managers depend upon door openings for security and smooth building operation. APV end user professionals are available to help maintain or upgrade your facility. APV can provide immediate delivery of door, hardware, and security products from our large inventory. APV can offer annual maintenance contracts including 24/7 support and FDAI certified annual fire door inspections. Experienced sales representatives can survey your facility and provide products and services to resolve troublesome, high-maintenance openings.

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  • Core Values

    Core Values: We Should ALL Have Some!

    APV adopted the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in late 2022 as we recognized that taking our company to the next level would require a more structured approach and a coach to guide us along the way. EOS teaches us that successful companies develop core values that drive their business from the inside out.
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  • Red Button Lockdown Feature

    SAFEBOLT™ is the fastest way to barricade a classroom door while maintaining 100% code compliance. Anyone in the room can press the red button and project a 1” locking bolt to secure the room. Also available in mortise locks and exit devices, Red Button Locks provide safe havens while allowing free egress and authorized ingress.
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  • Where Did I Put My Keys?

    The Smart Track Key Cabinet is a high tech, easy to use key management system. The cabinet allows authorized users access to keys and other assets using the KSI Smart Track App. This cabinet is just one of many asset management solutions from Key Systems, Inc.
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  • Securing Remote Infrastructure

    How do you protect the devices at the edge of your critical infrastructure network to create a first line of defense against malicious physical and cyber attacks? Think about remote storage areas, gated pump houses or antennae, or traffic systems cabinets. Is the traditional mechanical lock and key really the most secure solution?
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  • Safer Schools Initiative Launched

    APV has joined PASS (Partner Alliance for Safer Schools) as a Tier 1 partner. We are the only distributor in the country who has joined PASS at the Tier 1 level or higher. As a Tier 1 partner, we are eligible for personalized training on the PASS Guidelines and their Safer Schools Checklist.
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  • Silver metal door handle and brown wood door

    Residential Look Hollow Metal Frames

    In many instances, the typical hollow metal frame with a 2" plain face just doesn't cut it. There are those openings that require a softer, almost residential, look. For these openings, a no-return or "nailer" frame, like Curries' N-profile hollow metal frame, is just what the doctor ordered.
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  • PBB Shimming Hinge

    The Shimming Hinge is Now Available

    How many times have you needed to shim a door hinge but could not find a shim in just the right thickness? The PBB Shimming Hinge eliminates the typical metal or, let’s face it, cardboard shim. Easy to adjust and always right at-hand, this hinge solves a LOT of problems.
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  • towel dispenser

    Toilet Accessories Now in Stock!

    APV has partnered with Gamco to offer a complete line of toilet accessories at our sales counter. We are stocking the usual elements required to outfit a typical commercial restroom and other specialty items are readily available from the manufacturer.
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  • key management

    Key & Asset Management

    The days of the locked (or unlocked) key cabinet with a sign-in sheet are long gone. Today's facility managers need a solution for key and asset management that is secure and traceable. Enter the Asset Management systems from Key Systems and Traka.
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