Pre-Installed Hardware

Pre-Installed Hardware
Pre-Installed Hardware by APV
APV’s certified technicians apply all working hardware to the door slabs in our modern facility in Ashland.

Pre-Installation of door hardware eliminates many of the typical on-site installation challenges while allowing the doors to be installed much later in the construction process, thereby minimizing damage to the doors. We encourage any and all constituents to visit the 10,000 square feet we’ve devoted to pre-installation. Seeing is truly believing!

Advantages of Pre-Installed Door Hardware:
  • Doors are delivered labeled and palletized by location and ready to be hung.
  • Reduces time on site by up to 75%.
  • Allows for doors to be installed later in the construction cycle after completion of other finish trades reducing opportunity for damage.
  • Doors can be hung in less than 10 min per door, saving time and money.
  • Problems are identified and corrected before they ever hit the jobsite.
  • Hardware isn’t lost, damaged or stolen on site.
  • Less packaging and waste to be thrown away on the jobsite.
  • Electrified hardware is tested and certified before it arrives on the jobsite.
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