Auto-Operators & Closers

Auto-Operators and Closers
Auto-Operators and Closers
Touchless environments have gone from a special feature to a necessity in many building areas.

The focus primarily has been on areas where we clean our hands, more so than the areas our hands touch once they’ve been cleaned.  Automatic operators, historically used at building entrances to aid in accessibility, are becoming more prevalent throughout the building.

Touch-free openings not only protect against germ transmission.  By removing the door completely from the opening, automatic operators serve to protect the door from damage, thereby extending the lifespan of the door itself.

Door closers, required on fire-rated doors and highly recommended on exterior doors, also help protect doors by keeping them under control in both the opening and closing cycle.  Features such as Delayed Action and Backcheck provide additional protection and usability.   Closers with the Cam Action feature are recommended for stairwells and other openings requiring increased efficiency or better aesthetics.

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