Access Control

Products and Systems to Manage Access to Your Facility
Access Control Software

We can provide and support Access Control Software for small 1-2 door systems to multi-site enterprise systems both cloud-based and on-premise. Flexible web based systems and web clients are available which allow remote access from handheld devices.

We represent those system vendors which provide great support and integrate with a broad range of devices such as biometric readers and integrated locks. The access control system must not only help protect your facility, but also must provide for smooth, efficient day to day operation. We want to provide the best system tailored to fit your access control needs.

ASSA Integrated Lock
Integrated Locks

Locks with integrated readers provide a cost-effective method for expanding existing access control systems. Wired, wireless, and PoE locks provide flexible options to fit best with your building construction and budget.

Locks from Best Access Systems, Corbin, Sargent, Schlage, and Persona will work with most major access control systems. Reader technologies are available for mixed credential environments and provide a path for easy migration to higher security credentials and mobile access.

Key Management Systems

Physical keys will always be necessary, and if you are not controlling and tracking who can possess or has possession of a key, then you do not have control of access to your facility. Electronic key boxes from Traka and Key Systems Inc. will limit access to high level master and grand master keys and help keep physical keys from leaving your building or your site. Key boxes have been integrated with most enterprise level access control software systems providing additional security and ease of maintaining your key system.

Key Management Systems

ACRE (Cloud Based)

Ultra-secure and agile, Feenics’ cloud-based access control solutions can be managed from anywhere. Feenics’ native Windows, Web, and Mobile apps organize a robust feature set into an intuitive UI, allow for in-depth dashboard reporting, and provide key insights for overall business intelligence. Open, scalable, and built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Feenics provides an unmatched level of security, redundancy, and disaster recovery. Feenics’ cyber-hardened architecture provides the foundation for customer data & user privacy and affords the convenience, mobility, and business continuity

ACRE (Premise Based)

Access It! opens a world of possibilities for customers interested in an easy-to-use, end-user friendly design, delivering the most powerful access control on the market today. Access It! efficiently and effectively integrates access control with multiple sub-systems, both physical and software, and is a key component in the convergence of physical and logical (IT) security. Access It! has a powerful integration engine to amplify your security operations with best-in-class access security solutions. There’s an Access It! option for every size operation, from a single-door site to an enterprise spanning the globe.

AMAG Symmetry

Symmetry Access Control Systems are designed to suit every type and size of organization from small offices and colleges through to government agencies and multi-national corporations. Symmetry expands beyond Access Control into a complete fully-featured Security Management System. Symmetry brings together Identity Management, Access Control, Alarm Management, Video Management and Situational Awareness into a single software application. AMAG Symmetry is available in Business, Professional, Enterprise, Homeland & Global editions, all sharing the same software features.

Avigilon Alta (Cloud Based)

A complete, end-to-end cloud-based security solution that future-proofs your video security and access control with innovative capabilities and intelligent analytics. Associate Alta video hardware with entries and view real-time access activity alongside live footage, with integrated and customizable management dashboards accessible from any device. Avigilon Alta features a native mobile experience with remote unlock, digital badges, visitor credentials and automatic entry detection.

Avigilon Unity (Premise Based)

Bring together video security, access control and flexible cloud management under one centralized and scalable on-premise video security solution, through Avigilon Unity. Maximize productivity and efficiency of your security teams using advanced pattern-based analytics and teach-by-example technology. Access, manage and control your security from the palm of your hand with Avigilon Unity Cloud Services. Centrally manage sites and cameras from a centralized location via browser or mobile device from anywhere in the world. Prioritize maintenance efforts with a centralized dashboard and quickly review the operational status of security systems.


CBORD offers powerful, modular campus ID card systems delivering powerful campus card and security features with scalable growth options. From access control to meal plans, and from card production to online functionality (account management, laundry reservations, system administration, and much more), CBORD scales easily to meet the needs of any campus.


Performance, Reliability and Affordability are the perfect words to describe the suite of hardware components available through Millennium. Our fifty years of history in Access Control really shows when you review our design architecture. Every door in Millennium system is independently controlled with a Door Control Device (DCD). This means that all cardholders with access levels are managed in each DCD, and access decisions are made independent of any communications between the DCD and the Computer. If there is ever a network communications loss, each door is still controlled. Groups of DCDs at a specific site or within a site communicate through a simple wiring scheme to a Millennium Site Control Unit (SCU). This unit coordinates all communications between groups of doors and the Millennium software. Two hardware components ensure that installations are easy, and service is easy and ultimately that per door costs, for installation or service, are affordable.

RS2 Access It!

Access It!® Lite.NET is a user-friendly, entry-level access control software package, designed with ease of use as a cornerstone. Access It!® Lite.NET is an “out of the box” access control solution that is perfect for entry-level systems. It supports up to 64 readers and access levels. Access It!® Lite.NET can be easily upgraded to Access It!® Universal.NET.

Access It!® Universal.NET can manage simple access control for a few employees in a single building or a variety of operations for thousands of employees in a multi-region system. This powerful, user-friendly software allows you to select the feature sets you need to build a scalable, cost-effective system. AccessIt!® Universal.NET is available in both Standard and Enterprise versions. Access It! ® Universal.NET features a web browser thin client, a mobile client, and screens that can be undocked and viewed on separate screens.

Code Blue Emergency Notifications

For more than 25 years, Code Blue Corporation has earned the respect and trust of millions of people around the world. It is a responsibility we take seriously, because we know that our products are a visible reflection of your commitment to security and an interface to engage with your community in critical moments. It’s why our products mold the latest technology into pioneering emergency communication solutions durable enough to withstand the elements, scalable to any size, customizable for any need and backed by dependable support.

Visitor Management

Do not rely on handwritten sticky labels and handwritten paper logs to provide any level of security for your facility. Visitor information is available for anyone to see. Automated visitor management systems which are integrated with your access control system enhance security and meet compliance mandates for the collection and auditing of visitor data. Facial recognition software helps capture visitor facial coordinates so that a returning visitor can complete the visitor registration and check-in process faster. AMAG Symmetry GUEST, HID EasyLobby, Splan Visitor Management, and STOPware PassagePoint provide applications to meet most any visitor management need.

Visitor Management
WaveLynx Readers from APV

Multi-Technology Readers support a variety of credential technologies and provide the flexibility to transition authentication technologies at the pace and path that is right for you. Readers are available for the harshest exterior applications. OSDP™️ compliant readers allow remote firmware upgrades. LEAF credential support provides secure, open interoperability. Schlage aptQ, HID Global, and WaveLynx readers provide the latest technologies to meet your most demanding security needs.


With the ever changing and vast credential market, it’s essential to have a solid understanding and reliable supplier of all the latest products available. From the 125khz proximity to the 13.56 iClass. APV can help you pick the right credential for your needs.

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