Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS)

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The Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) offers the most comprehensive information available on best practices specifically for securing school facilities, vetted extensively by experts across the education, public safety, and industry sectors.

APV joined PASS in 2023 and, at that time, was the only distributor in the country to support PASS at the Tier 1 level or higher.  Our experience in supplying thousands of doors on hundreds of school projects over the last fifty-two years compelled us to financially support this worthwhile organization.

PASS’s approach to school safety incorporates a holistic approach by utilizing layers of safety starting at the district level.  Many of their solutions do not involve doors or hardware and do not cost the school system a penny!   They have developed comprehensive, easy-to-understand guidelines and have created a checklist to assist school systems in creating, implementing, and maintaining a safety plan. 

APV’s commitment to school security dovetails perfectly with PASS’s Guidelines and Checklist in that we offer solutions tailored to each level of security.  From our access control systems that can be implemented city or county-wide to our video solutions with gun detection that blanket a campus to our access control and hardware solutions that harden the building envelope and provide safe havens within the building itself.

As a Tier 1 partner, APV has received personalized training from a PASS Trainer and has access to nationally-recognized speakers on the subject of school safety.   School system administrators are under tremendous pressure to “do something” and there are an endless number of products available that claim to provide a safe haven inside a classroom.  The general consensus among the door hardware industry is that the proper hardware on doors provides the best protection possible.  

Additional information on PASS can be found at www.passk12.org.

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