Is There Anybody In There?

Status Indicators
Hello…. Is There Anybody In There??

Historically, the status indicator function on a privacy set was only available on a costly mortise lock. Now, this feature is available on a cylindrical lock AND the lock in question is built to Grade 1 specifications.

Yale’s YPL Privacy set provides a visual display of the occupancy status, providing an increased level of privacy.

Perfect for retrofit on single-use restrooms, nursing rooms or any room requiring uninterrupted privacy.

Tech Talk: Sliding Door Access Control

The INOX PD97 is built with an advanced stepper motor inside the lock case and a power transfer yamaka (yes, a yamaka) concealed at the top of the door to make this electrified mortise lock for sliding doors highly tamper resistant.

The PD97 Grade 1 lock is well suited for commercial, educational, and healthcare environments working with sensitive or high-risk communities.

Kim Hix
Employee Spotlight: Kim Hix

You may have interacted with Kim on the phone as she is one of our Order Processors based in Ashland.

Over 30 years of experience have really taught Kim “what a door is” and her positive attitude is very much appreciated by all who work with her.

Kim has been part of the APV family for eight years and we’re lucky to have her!

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