Toilet Accessories Now in Stock!

bathroom accessories
Toilet Accessories Now In Stock!

APV has partnered with Gamco (a Division of Bobrick Washroom Accessories) to offer a complete line of toilet accessories at our sales counter.

We are stocking the usual elements required to outfit a typical commercial restroom and other specialty items are readily available from the manufacturer.

Please call Caleb Dixon at 804-550-2822 x 154 to discuss any toilet accessory needs.

metal door alternative
Hollow Metal Door Alternative Now In Stock!

Hollow metal doors are the typical go-to solution for exterior openings.

Unfortunately, they require periodic painting as you attempt to ward off rust and keep a fresh appearance.

The Hollow Metal Replacement FRP Door from Special-Lite gives you a renewed look, reliability, and peace of mind for years to come.

We stock this door in 3’0 x 7’0 and 3’0 x 6’8. It is undersized for a continuous hinge and we can prep for your lock or you can prep it yourself. Click the button to see how easy it is.

Call Caleb Dixon at 804-550-2822 x 154 for pricing. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Mark Hanson - APV Employee Spotlight
Employee Spotlight: Mark Hanson

Mark Hanson came in to lend a hand when we moved into our new building in September of 2022 and was so helpful we decided to offer him a job!

Most of his professional experience has been in I/T but he is very handy with tools and has proven to be an invaluable asset in our Pre-Installation department. 

Currently holding the title of Pre-Installation Technician, we are very lucky to have Mark on our team!

Well, That’s One Way to Do It…

As you can probably imagine, when you work on doors and hardware all day, every day you develop a heightened sense of curiosity about door openings and are constantly on the lookout for unusual or illegal applications.

Door openings are typically outfitted with hardware to provide safety, security or both. Nothing bad happens until it does and the proper hardware is only tested in times of stress but if the doors don’t perform as intended, terrible things CAN happen.

This new segment of our newsletter will focus on what NOT to do and will, hopefully, serve as a reminder that doors are not simply doors but are functional parts of a building and protect people.

Please forward pictures of any “Well, that’s one way to do it…” applications you encounter in your travels to shallett@apva.com. You might see your picture published in our newsletter!

well that's one way to do it

We very much value your input. Please forward any questions or topics of interest to shallett@apva.com. All submitted questions or suggestions, will garner one entry into our monthly drawing for a Lowe’s gift card ($25).

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